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My clown closet - emme

My clown closet

This month I turned 37, and I have to admit that I do not like that number at all! It is not as fun as 35, and it is dangerously close to 40 ... yes ... the dreaded 40 :D. But as my grandmother Olga used to said: "It is better to grow old than to die young" and she was right. I take my 37 laps to the Sun, and among the list of things I want to achieve in these next 365 days, besides accepting that I am no longer 25, it is to find my style and finally transform my closet. I have many years dreaming of having a “magazine closet” where everything is organized and coordinated. Can you imagine?


Circus clown style


My sister says that my wardrobe looks like a circus clown closet and I give her a little bit of reason. I love colors, so I buy the most colorful clothes on the shelf. Also, I always buy separate pieces so when I get home nothing matches, but ended up wearing them because I do not make time to change them. Hence the affectionate nickname coined by my family: Popy's closet (Popy was a famous clown of our childhood).


As we have talked in the past, motherhood and a complicated closet do not get along. And while the uniform is still a lifesaver, I would like to organize better what I have to be able to vary from time to time and highlight the last pieces that I designed for Macy Calder. Thankfully, I'm surrounded by talented women, and my friend, chic mom and stylist Kathy López De Gull has a perfect blog post that has become the map for the simplification of my wardrobe.


Kathy's advice is straightforward and is based on the principle that we should buy with a purpose. Simple! We must know what we have and what we need before go shopping. And to understand what we need she gives us the following six tips that I found very successful:


How to buy better in 6 steps


1.- Choose 1 or 2 basic colors. Look in your closet for the two dominant colors, and those will be considered your basic colors.

2.- Decide for 2 or 3 accent colors. They are additional colors to the basic ones with which you are going to extend the closet. The less you have, the easier it will be to combine everything.

3.- Pick one print. It can be stripes, polka dots, flowers, leopard, whichever you like. Make sure that the pattern you want has the same color for each piece of clothing.

4.- Check that every color creates harmony when mixing them.

5.- Complete the following list of purchases for each one of the colors and prints that you decided in the previous steps with each one of these pieces.



  1. Have fun!



Sounds great, right? It is a simple map for the perfect closet and to make sure that each piece represents your style and combines. Thanks, Kathy!


I did the exercise, and it looks like an entirely attainable ideal. I realized that although I thought it was a disaster, I have many pieces in white, blue and green from where I can start. There is no doubt that this year my closet will move from Circus Clown to Mompreneur. I'll keep you posted!


What about you? Are you ready to rearrange your wardrobes following Kathy's advice?


See you soon Pretty Moms!