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I can’t live without my uniform! - emme

I can’t live without my uniform!

There have been several mornings that at the school drop off I have noticed that the shirt I am wearing doesn’t match my pants, that I forgot to comb my hair, or that high heel shoes were not the best choice for a visit to the supermarket later. Sounds familiar?

Mornings at my house are a race against the clock, looking in the mirror sometimes seems a luxury. The perfect outfit days are a distant memory of the pre-motherhood time.

Did someone say uniform?

Frustrated with my terrible morning decisions, I was determined to find a solution. At first, I wanted to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. After all, I had the perfect excuse: I have nothing to wear! Since that was not a "real" option, I decided to go opposite and choose a uniform: several pieces of standardized clothes that I would use repeatedly.

To my surprise, what it seemed will be the most boring time of my wardrobe has proved to be kind of interesting and versatile. Having a uniform has brought me many benefits and has allowed me to rediscover accessories and purses that were buried in the bottom of the closet.

This simple shortcut has returned style to my closet and mornings!

 3 pieces x 3 rules x 3 benefits

My uniform has three parts:

  • Sleeveless Top
  • Pants
  • Shoes! How can we live without them?

And usually the pieces are:

  • Solid color
  • Easy maintenance (Non-Iron)
  • Extra comfortable if I have to change from one activity to another.

 These simple rules have given me: 

  • More time. What I need the most! I don’t spend 10 minutes looking at the closet without a solution, I just take my three pieces knowing that they will work together. The minutes that I save can be spent on breakfast!.
  • More Options. Although it sounds contradictory, the uniform works on multiple occasions. If I go to a meeting, I’ll pair it with a jacket, statement earrings, and high heels but if soccer practice is on the schedule, I'll pair it with sneakers and sunglasses.
  • More Savings. I don’t spend money buying pieces of clothing that then stay forever in the closet because I can’t match them. When I'm shopping, and I see something I like, I wonder if it adapts to the idea of the uniform. That is enough to rule out the fringed pants that I was convinced I couldn’t live without.


But don’t get me wrong! There are days when I have more time to choose my outfits, and I'm still free to experiment with new trends and styles. I leave the uniform for those mornings where I ignored the alarm and chaos seem to reign my house.

What do you think? Do you dare to try a uniform?