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Hello, I am Macy! A creative immigrant mom passionate about design, families and feminine power. I am the hands and heart behind emme.

I strongly believe that mothers are the foundational rock of society. Still, motherhood can be isolating and often not a positive experience if you are not surrounded by love and feminine wisdom. That is why I design every piece of emme jewelry thinking in a fantastic mom that goes from work to soccer practices, that manages home and work, that gives herself unconditionally and needs a little reminder that love conquers all. I want every mom to wake up in the morning, put a piece of jewelry, and say: I got this!

It is a simple equation = if you are happy + your kids are delighted = your family will thrive! And together we will build a brighter tomorrow.

Some facts about me:

  • I was born and raised primarily in Venezuela but lived in different Latin American countries during my childhood.
  • I went to Architecture School and Management School when I was young. Then developed a career in Marketing while studying to be a Metalsmith at the same time.
  • I married the funniest geek in the world that later turned into the best dad ever!
  • I am the mom of a pair of highly active, Lego builders and book lovers' kids.
  • I share my adventures as a mompreneur in the blog emme as in mamá.