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Yulissa Pacheco - emme

Yulissa Pacheco

With a specialization in family counseling and three kids at home, Yulissa Pacheco is a woman with a lot of experiences around motherhood. She is a motivational coach, graduated in Theology, a writer, a blogger, and radio host. In all of her ventures, Yulissa is always with a smile and spreading a kind and comforting message around motherhood.

Last year Yulissa founded MomTime a series of events in Orlando dedicated to bringing awareness to moms around their self-care and the need to make time for themselves.  We asked Yulissa some questions about her idea:

What is Eventos MomTime?

MomTime is an initiative that has been created to disconnect moms from their daily routine, with the purpose of dedicating time only for them, within an atmosphere of companionship, support and enjoying activities on personal care as well as personal growth through speakers. 

Why do you decide to embark in this adventure and message of self-care for moms?

During the years that I have been a mother, I discovered that we all pass through different stages, but unfortunately, many of us are hooked and fixed to the first one, dragging it with the passing of the years, where we practically don’t "have time for us" because “right now we are not a priority" and that is a silent lie. Since we get used to these thoughts, we end up resigned to this, but with the feeling in the background of dissatisfaction.

We are mothers, but we are still women! It is time to understand that we can’t give what we don’t have and that if we are well, our children will be great! They love to see us happy, fulfilled, in a good mood, and also reaching our goals. So MomTime is responsible for reminding you of this every day. 

What are you planning for Events MomTime in 2019?

For this 2019 we have scheduled at least 4 MomTime, one very different from the other. We’ll enjoy specialists in topics of interest to all; we’ll spoil ourselves, we will have a night of dinner and gambling and a grand celebration that will take us to the years 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. That’s the only I can tell for now! 

How being a mom has influenced your work and career?

Being a mother has transformed my life, it has led me to have a different perspective; therefore, it has had a positive impact on my professional life and as an entrepreneur. It has allowed me to be patient but persistent, and it has led me to celebrate by heart the triumphs of those around me.

What advice do you have for entrepreneur moms?

That motherhood doesn’t have to make them forget the woman they were. On the contrary, motherhood should empower the best that is in you, should make them stronger than they ever imagined they could be; and drive themselves to achieve their dreams.

Thank you Yulissa! We wish you a 2019 full of rewarding events.