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What is an emme moment? - emme

What is an emme moment?

There was a moment in my life when my first thought every morning when I heard the alarm was: F" @#%!

Yeap… I cursed every single morning

At the time, I felt ashamed of my behavior. I was supposed to be a happy stay-at-home mom of two healthy kids. However, even though I felt awful, that was one of the most important moments in my adult life. It led me to a profound revelation. In looking to avoid my morning cursing ritual, I discovered my emme moment.

emme moment: the morning ritual when I ground myself and set the intention to be a joyful mom

I can tell you that the origin of my cursing was because I was a sleep-deprived young mom with small children. But the reality was that my frustration had not much to do with my surroundings, as it had to do with me and my mindset. At that moment in my life, I was stuck believing that I couldn't change my reality. That being a stay-at-home mom meant waking up tired, throwing on a pair of leggings, having a cup of coffee and going to confront whatever the day throws at me. 

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The moment I started waking up minutes before my kids and put effort into picking an outfit and wearing my Abuela's earrings, that moment my life changed. I began to see every morning as an opportunity to be creative with my outfits. I unburied the jewelry in the back of my closet. My dressing moment rapidly became my emme moment, and practicing it daily became a self-love ritual. By looking at myself in the mirror every morning, I learned that I had to start by taking care of myself in order to be a joyful mom. It also became the spark that began emme jewelry.

Through the years, I've told this story to many other women in the early days of motherhood. They look at me with eyes of skepticism because I often tell them that I had to throw away my leggings to find Joy. I acknowledge that is what worked for me. I’m a coqueta Latina mom, and wearing earrings is a self-love ritual in my family. But different moms may have different rituals and lately, out of curiosity, I've been asking other women about their emme moments and talking about things that bring me joy in series called "emme moment conversations."

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If you are a mom, feeling the call to find a grounding morning ritual, a mom who wants to change their mornings' outlook, or just want to hear other women and how they use their talents to be better moms, I invite you to grab a cafecito and listen to other women's stories in "emme moment conversations". Waking up to the thought that you are not alone in motherhood may be the realization that you need not only to feel at peace with your story but also the spark that starts a more joyful life… and that is what an emme moment is all about.