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Valentine's Day outfits for a day at home - emme

Valentine's Day outfits for a day at home

Hey Moms,
Valentine's Day is in two days and is a Domingo! So I'm planning to ask for ⁠⁠a Mother's Day kind of treatment. No less than a romantic breakfast, a lovely lunch, or a bubbly dinner at home with many hugs and kisses.
And before you think about wearing pajamas for what can be a full relaxing day, hear me out about these three outfits ideas:

1. Start your Day in bed with chocolates and a comfy pajama.

Mini Hoop Earrings in Silver

2. Make midday sushi and siesta with a fresh maxi-dress.

Mini Twisted Earrings in Gold

3. End with wine, hugs, and a sexy dress.

Mini Star Earrings in Gold
So no matter if I stay home or make time to go out, Valentine's day is a great day to pamper myself with a cute outfit and high in carb food.⁠⁠