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Today I say: Thank YOU! - emme

Today I say: Thank YOU!

A friend once told me that we should develop a career and also develop “ornamets”. By ornaments she meant other talents different from a profession like play and instrument, know how to bake or do a special craft. According to her, we never know when those ornaments would come in handy. That piece of advice stuck with me for a long time and many years later it turned into reality. 

Once I became an immigrant,  mom of two, and decided not to go back to the corporate world, I unboxed my metalsmith talent to reinvent myself. Because of that advice, I ended up finding my purpose and launching emme. However, being a metalsmith and have had launched Emme this year are not only the things I’m grateful. You see, talents have the ability to multiply once you put them on earth, water them and see them grow. 

The harvest of your talents are your blessings

My greatest bliss this year has been being closer to amazing women. Some of you were old friends with whom I started to share this dream called emme and some others are women that I have met in this awesome year of entrepeneurship. You are truly a blessing and for each one of you I am thankful. From each one I have received cheerful words of support, wisdom pearls of advice and a lot of the femenine energy that I needed to grown in my role of mompreneur. Without YOU I will be chasing my purpose but without a soul.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today, I say THANK YOU, and invite you to start a list of Thanks. Don’t forget to say thank you for your special “ornament” and the many blessings that you have harvested from it.

Happy Thanksgiving America!