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The perfect gift? Something bonito, like me! - emme

The perfect gift? Something bonito, like me!

What is the perfect gift for a mom?

gift emme jewelry

For many years my family made a gift exchange on Christmas Eve. Playing white elephant, or “intercambio de regalo,” as my family calls it, was a fun tradition between cousins, uncles, aunts, and even my Abuela. We used to gather four weeks before the holidays to withdraw the name of the person we would be gifting on Dec 24th. For four consecutive weekends, we met again to celebrate Advent and try to guess who drew your name.  

We also made a list where everyone wrote one or two gift suggestions. My mom always wrote the same suggestion in all those years: “something bonito, like me.” 

Back then, I never understood my mom’s gift suggestion. I was a teenager with a long list of things I wanted to get, so the option of just something bonito wasn’t enough for me. However, last year when my kids asked me what I wanted for Christmas, the answer flew out of my mouth: something bonito like me… I couldn’t believe it! 

Right now, the perfect gift for me is delicate and feminine. It makes me feel that I’m the center of my family, reminding me to shine for who I’m, like the star earrings. The perfect gift for me is cheerful and expressive because, as a wowmom, I get tired. I don’t always succeed, and sometimes motherhood overwhelms me. Still, I’m joyful in my role and love to openly express my joy at being a mother, a cute charm, like the wowmom pendant.

If you are a wowmom like me, I’m sure that if someone asks you what you want to get, you won’t hesitate to say the perfect gift reflects the pride of being a mom so the WOWMOM double ring will be the ideal gift for that.

gift emme jewelry

So, after all this year, I finally understood what my mom was trying to say. She wanted a thoughtful gift that recognized her and her feelings. A gift that celebrated her efforts of ruling the family around the same table at the same time. Something bonito like her, something bonito like all the WowMoms, something bonito like emme.

gift emme jewelry

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