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The mark on my heart that became silver jewelry - emme

The mark on my heart that became silver jewelry

Corazon Collection

My life as a mother has been full of moments that have permanently left a mark on my heart. I've been thinking a lot about these marks because I decided to share the personal story of my miscarriage that marked me forever. It was a moment so important that I decided that trace wouldn't just be in my heart; I also wear it on my skin.

The story that inspired a tattoo

A miscarriage hurts; it hurts a lot. Seeing the illusion of motherhood break without any reason brings an avalanche of emotions that aren't easy to handle. That experience left a mark on me forever.

When it happened, I decided not to share it with anyone else. Only my partner and I suffered the loss. We wanted to keep that moment and that pain to ourselves only and I got pregnant again shortly after.

But that baby was not forgotten. Despite all the pain, I wanted to remember it forever, and that's why today, in a tattoo between the names of my children, I carry a heart.

That tattoo inspired a collection of silver jewelry.

After that loss and the birth of my kids, my life as a mother was full of moments that have also left marks on me. Some of them were happy, like the first time I heard them call me "mom," and others were scary, as when my daughter broke her arm. The heart of a mother always gets marked.

That's how the Corazon Collection was born. Heart-shaped silver jewelry pieces with a geometry that symbolizes the center of our emotions, and a encrusted zircon that represents the marks left in our heart by motherhood.

Corazon Collection

This collection includes three pieces with a simple, timeless design in the emme style. A pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet can be used as a set or separately.

Every time a WowMom wears them, it will be a reminder of all those moments that have left marks on us and how we decide to carry them with pride and joy because emme is jewelry that reminds you of the joy of being a mom.