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The ideal swimsuit - emme

The ideal swimsuit

Summer has arrived! And what cannot be missing in our closet is a swimsuit. Since going to the beach became a social event in the late nineteenth century, the bathing suits are the indispensable outfit in any woman’s wardrobe. Also, if you live in a coastal city like Miami, you will probably have more than one in your closet.

My favorite trick to choosing a swimsuit begins at home. I have a conversation with myself in the mirror before going shopping. An honest discussion that you can only have with your best friend, and I ask myself:

What part of my body do I want to highlight?

The answer to this question may vary from year to year. Even in the same season, I might change my mind. But what it is a constant is that when I choose and buy my bathing suit, I am focused on that part of my body which I am proud and happy to show. This little ritual is the most critical part of the search. Buying a swimsuit is very easy, once I imagine myself wearing one that makes me feel beautiful and happy.

In recent years, I have even made a list of different swimsuits that I like according to the area of the body that they flatter. That way, I am ready for any occasion.


It is a guide specially tailored to my needs!


Which one is your ideal swimsuit?

Some of you may answer that your legs, others your bust or other your hips. I'm sure that for each woman will be a different part and because of a different reason. Perhaps, this year you worked out a lot or maybe because that is the body part that your partner likes the most! What is most important is that you carry your excitement and joy while you go shopping.

Do not be intimidated by the dressing room lights and go determined to get your ideal swimsuit for this summer bathroom. I am sure it will make you feel great!