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When I got married, I wore a handmade ivory dress. It had a delicate top on lace and a solid ballroom skirt that will barely touch the floor and that extended into a chapel train. My hair had a classic updo, adorned with little Lillies made out of silver and pearls. I wore my mom’s earrings, the ones she wore when she got married, and that I loved since I was a little girl. The final touch into that dreamed and planned outfit: the shoes…my beautiful and graceful satin red shoes!

My red wedding shoes

I still remember my family ’s reaction when I said that I was going to wear red shoes. It was a surprise expression, mixed with a controlled face reaction trying to avoid a critic and then a resigned phrase like "You’ll make it work." They were kind, but it was evident that when you come from a traditional, Catholic and Latin family that was an unusual choice. Nevertheless, now I know that I needed to make that choice because what looked at the moment like a fashion statement was really my first feminist choice.

Even though at the time of my wedding I had never identified myself as a feminist, I behaved like one, at least a “complex” one. You see, I was raised by feminists but very traditional parents.  They encourage me to follow a career and be independent, but they didn’t want me living unmarried with a guy. They raised me to make good decisions, but they were shocked when I made them. I don’t know how, but they made what seemed two different values worked together and being part of the young women they raised.

Consequently, it was a natural outcome that that duality was present on my wedding. That day I wanted to make clear that under the common agreement of a religious ceremony, I was still free to make my choice. It was a wink to my  upbringing but also a message to my future husband. It was a hint that I will probably won’t be making decisions based on what “was expected” of me. The red shoes, as a fashion decision, were a choice, a message, but overall a self-esteem boost. 

I felt powerful and in control wearing them.

Looking back into the feeling that my red wedding shoes brought me, and reflecting about March and all the messages and initiatives of women empowerment that I’ve seen, I decided to design a small selection of Red Earrings. I noticed that I was missing a piece that represented straight femininity, you know the one that we bring when we are wearing a red dress or red shoes. My mom closet was missing a bright red accessory for days when I want to conquer the world with my feminine confidence! (even if that means crushing it at the supermarket with a planned shopping list :D ).

Are your closet and your mood missing a pair of red earrings too? You can check mines here!


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