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Pearls, Grandmas and me - emme

Pearls, Grandmas and me

pearl necklace

When I was 12, my dad gave me a pearl necklace. I loved that gift. It made me feel like an adult, and I even had a new outfit made for me, with a bright turquoise polka dot pattern, to match my necklace and show that I was no longer a child. In any event that required formal attire: first communions, weddings, graduations, the pearl necklace was there. But then, at the age of 15, my pearls ended up hidden in the bottom of a drawer because, you know, pearls are for grandmas.

It wasn't until I was 26, immersed in my corporate life, that the pearls returned. I now had a long, colored pearl necklace that I proudly displayed. My maxi necklace was the statement of a young professional. I felt powerful whenever I walked into a client presentation wearing high heels and pearls. The pearls symbolized professionalism; they transformed me into the grown woman I wanted to be.

Still, the pearls returned to the jewelry drawer. At 29, I was a new mom looking for an easy look that went well with nursing and playtime, and once again, pearls felt old-fashioned.

Pearls, the love that's not forgotten

I thought my love for pearls was a thing of the past. I was sure there was no room in my jewelry box for another pearl necklace until one December, when I was 39 years old, my aunt Mónica sent me a gift. A pair of pearl earrings that belonged to my Abuela Olga.

What joy! I never imagined that I would be moved again by seeing pearls. I wore my new inherited earrings on Christmas Eve and felt the love, as a more seasoned mom wearing a family heirloom.

pearl necklace

And it's that pearls are an unforgettable love because:

  • They're symbols of timeless elegance.
  • They adapt to a variety of styles and occasions.
  • They're beautiful and unique because no two are the same.
  • They always stay in style, they may go to the bottom of the drawer for a while, but they always return.

My Abuela Olga's pearl earrings revived my love for pearls and inspired me to create again. The same week I wore them, and I started designing new pieces for emme.

The first emme pearl collection was born

Inspired by my Abuela's earrings and the transformative symbol that pearls have been in my life, in 2020, I designed the Pearl Collection, which was my contemporary take on pearl accessories. A collection with a lot of movement that mixed silver knots and baroque pearls. It was a versatile collection because it allowed the pearls to be on and off for those occasions when WowMoms wanted to draw more attention.

pearl necklaceBut even if pearls can feel that they are for grannies, I've learned that I should bring them back every once in a while. Pearls can make us feel fulfilled and accompany us through all our lives as women. They are an icon of female transformation, and we should always have them in our closets.

That is why I'm already preparing a second collection of pearl jewelry. Keeping inspiration from my Abuela and her earrings and honoring the daily life of the WowMoms. Do you want to be among the first to see the new Pearl Collection? Subscribe to emme's WowMoms community below; they will be the first to know when they are out.

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