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Pearl jewelry: a constant in fashion - emme

Pearl jewelry: a constant in fashion

Pearl jewelry pieces and I have a very particular love story. Although I've tried to put them away, they always make their way back to my jewelry box. This is no coincidence: pearls not only don't go out of style, but they have become a symbol of femininity

Pearl jewelry

Pearls may be more or less fashionable in every decade. There are generations for which pearls have been a trendy accessory and others who think pearls belong to Abuelas. Although pearls are in most childhood memories, hanging from the neck of some aunt or any other elegant lady you indeed looked at with a bit of admiration, they are still relevant.

If you think pearl jewelry is a thing of the past, I’ll tell you that today they're seen differently. Pearls are currently a trend among teenagers, moms like you and me, and also abuelas. So I invite you to see pearl jewelry for what it is: the most versatile and timeless option that should not be missing in your mom's closet.

Pearls: why are they still trending?

Pearl jewelry has captivated everyone, from Roman royalty to today's women, for its beauty and for the meaning that it has been given in each era. Pearls can add sophistication to any outfit and go well with an evening dress, jeans, or a sweatshirt.

Pearls are also versatile as they can be used in classic designs such as a traditional pearl necklace or combined with other materials and settings to create more modern designs. Along with how fashion reinvents itself, the settings of pearls are reinvented. 

Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is also associated with femininity as it can be present in a girl's first earrings, the first bracelet a teenager wears, or a woman's favorite earrings. It is as if they had the power to transform and accompany women in all their stages, being in our jewelry boxes forever.

The new emme’s Pearl Collection

It's not the first time I have designed a jewelry collection with pearls. In fact, this is the second collection. Pearls remind me of my Abuela, who always wore big earrings. They remind me of my mom, who had a pinky ring with a giant pearl that she only wore on special occasions. It also reminds me of my daughter's first earrings that had a tiny pearl in the center.

Pearl jewelry

emme’s Pearl Collection is an homage to the legacy of femininity and love that the women in my family left me, but designed for the woman and mother of today, the one who does everything and always likes to look beautiful and modern.

I hope you enjoy every one of the designs of this collection made specially for you. You can see more here!