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My reasons to be grateful and say thank you to Motherhood - emme

My reasons to be grateful and say thank you to Motherhood

grateful, thank you motherhood

On Thanksgiving Day, everything comes together perfectly, and genuine gratitude surfaces. It seems impossible to be gathered around the table, see my whole family enjoying dinner, and not say thank you. 

When my eyes stop on my children: the pair that turns my life up and down, an intense emotion overwhelms me. Every time I see them, my heart warms up, and I feel that I am in the right place, at the right time and that I never existed without them by my side. 

This year I had finally been so grateful about my motherhood journey that I want to share my joy with everyone. 

I hope you, WowMom, can also find your reasons to be grateful. 

My reasons to feel grateful about motherhood

My life is hectic and sometimes chaotic. Many times I have felt that it goes faster than what my body and mind can give. I'll be lying if I did not tell you that there were many, many times when I wanted to throw the towel.

When we become mothers, we also become the engines of our families. Most of the time we have to be present for everything to work out and although it can make us feel important, it can also be exhausting. 

Of all the roles that life has put me in, the most demanding and challenging is being a mom. But no matter how difficult it has been, it is over and over again the one that has given me the most reasons to grow.

So today, I want to say:

grateful, thank you motherhood

Thank you Motherhood, for teaching me true love and unconditional love in the eyes of a kid who wakes me up early in the morning.

Thank you Motherhood, for teaching me to value the simple things in life, like a little hand holding mine on our way to cross the street.

Thank you, Motherhood, for allowing me to see the world from another perspective and to marvel through my children's eyes when they discover something new.

Thank you Motherhood, for the chaos because I have learned to do almost everything with one hand while holding a baby in the other.

Thank you Motherhood, for the company because, with so many hugs and kisses, I will never feel alone again.

Thank you Motherhood, for teaching me to connect with amazing women raising families.

Thank you for inspiring me to build a business to spread joy.

Thank you for allowing me to discover my strength and making me feel powerful.

Thank you for the kisses, the hugs, the warmth.

Thank you, Motherhood.