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A list of “Thanks” - emme

A list of “Thanks”

Since I moved to the U.S., I have learned to say more thank you. I believe that American culture has an ingrained belief that a “Thank you” carries not only a sense of good manners but also tradition. The first time I received a thank you card for a gift I gave, I was surprised, not because it was the first time seeing one (which it was) but because it warmed my heart and made me feel connected with a feeling of gratitude that was new to me. 

A new tradition

That is why Thanksgiving is my adopted favorite holiday. Living in a new culture brings the opportunity to pick new rituals, and this is the one that I enjoy the most. I assumed the food, the decoration, and even the colors. I love to have friends and family gatherings, to take those days to slow down, bond and be close together and thankful.

Last year I celebrated the season making a thank you list. I used my personal Instagram account to recount all the things, people and emotions I was thankful for one month. It was a sincere and creative way to recount all I was grateful for in my life, and I loved the result. This year I was planning to do the same but the season started and caught me busy. This adventure called emme is taking my days, afternoons, many nights and sometimes even my dreams! 

November is the start of the shopping season, the MOST critical season in my new business. I can’t skip it or delay it! The season is here, and I have to work from its start to until probably Christmas night. For that reason, this year I won’t be able to do the creative thank you posts that I wanted to make into a tradition. That made me feel frustrated at first, but it quickly changed… Do you want to know why? 

Because I live under the bliss of gratitude

Once you learn the habit of being grateful there is not a bad feeling that will stick with you. You will still feel sad, angry or frustrated but it won’t last long. The "thankful goggles" will make you look at every situation with a different tone. This year I am super busy, that is right, but is only because I have found my calling, it is just because I love to create pieces and I love to see moms wearing them. I like to engage in the transaction to giving a woman a piece of jewelry that will make her feel more beautiful, and I love making them with my own hands. This year I am thankful for my talents, and this is also a way to start a list.

For what are you thankful this year?


P.S. I will be sharing my talents next Thursday Nov 14th from 8:00 am at the St Theresa Fall Bazar and Sunday Dec 2nd from 10:00 am at the St Hugh Christmas Bazar. See you there!


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