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Mother's Day gift ideas for the moms in your life! - emme

Mother's Day gift ideas for the moms in your life!

Mother's Day is in a few days, so if you are an organized-chaotic mom like me, you know this is the last weekend you have to buy presents for the other moms in your life. Starting from your own mom (yes, lately I forget that is her day too!) to those tias, madrinas, and even nannies that take care of our kids as their own, Mother's Day is a day when we all should receive a gift made for us… and why not, "made by" a mom as well! 

This year I rounded up gift ideas for different kinds of moms made by talented mompreneurs.

For the mom that is craving an hour to herself

You know the drill, we all want a mom vacation, but while we get there, at least we deserve a weekly long hot shower, and if it is with an indulgent Sebastian Soap, even better! Sebastian Soaps' are handmade with natural products by her founder Jessica who started to be more aware of the products she was using during her breastfeeding journey. View more


For the mom that always has wine in the fridge

I may not be 100% that mom, but I love to have friends like that: always ready to have a good time. What better present for them than charcuterie boards and boxes to accompany a good wine and the perfect excuse to plan mom-night-in. These delicious treats are gathered and beautifully packed by Miami Grazing Company and its mom boss Carly. View more


For the mom that wants to stop time

Don't want to spoil the party, but one day you are young and plump, and one day you are not…IF you don't take care of yourself! Thankfully WowMom (and also Abuela) Cristina founded Selah Organics so we all can take care of our skin with the best products. Last month, I tried the berries exfoliating mask, and I'm addicted to the smell and feeling self-pampered. View more


For new moms and experienced ones

Motherhood is a long journey, and not all the phases are the same, but we all want to feel loved and recognized, and wearing a shiny medals feels excellent. This year I added the Mama, Madrina, and Abuela pendants to the WowMom Collection to keep celebrating all the amazing moms that hold our hands in this journey and us. View more

Happy Mother's Day!