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Motherhood emotions: a forever mark on the heart - emme

Motherhood emotions: a forever mark on the heart

motherhood emotions, scars on a mom's heart.

Motherhood requires a lot of self-sacrifices. Having a child changes the life of any woman. Although we always talk about the joy of being a mother, the truth is that a whole spectrum of emotions and events leave their mark forever on a woman's heart.

The arrival of my children has transformed my life into a hectic and chaotic adventure; it is, without a doubt, one of my greatest joys. However, laughter has accompanied many moments of pain and even tears.
Those moments always leave scars on a mom's heart.

The mark on my heart

On February 26, 2008, I lost my first pregnancy, an event that I haven't been able to forget. At that moment, I felt that the hope of being a mother was slipping through my fingers and that the end of that life, little one... but mine, was going to tear me into pieces forever.

The intense and deep pain filled me with many questions and fears that overwhelmed me. I wondered where I'd gone wrong, what I'd done wrong if I could ever be a mom. At the time, I did not tell anyone. Only my husband and I mourned that loss. For some time afterward, we were accompanied by the feeling of being incomplete.

The pain slowly faded, and after a few months, I got pregnant again. Still, then a fear that accompanied me during my pregnancies appeared. I always wondered, what if it happens to me again?

Now, after being a mom for thirteen years, I no longer feel that intense pain or fear. But a small mark stayed in me forever, one of the many scars in a mother's heart. That's why I decided to get a tattoo to commemorate it. I got a tattooed heart right between my two children's names.

motherhood emotions, scars on a mom's heart.

A loss is not the only thing that marks our mother's heart.

My friend M still vividly remembers the day her 5-month-old baby underwent heart surgery. The other day she remembered that scar as a mark on her daughter's chest and a victory mark that symbolizes life. 
Some other moments leave a mark:
  • The day you hold your baby for the first time.
  • The first time they called you Mom or gave you a hug.
  • Every day when you watch them grow. 

Those moments also leave their scar.

Today I decided to talk about my loss and its mark on me because I know many of us are marked by the joy of everyday life. Still, there are also many of us whose hearts are marked by pain and fear, and we don't talk about it. . For those WowMoms, my heart goes out to you.