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Moms, time to take a break! - emme

Moms, time to take a break!

I’ve talked multiple times about the need for moms to take a break; you can read here and there about that. Mom Vacations shouldn’t be a luxury or a once-in-a-lifetime event. They must be part of our emotional and mental self-care routine. Believe me, the benefits will exceed all the prepping and logistical barriers you would have to overcome to make it happen. However, after years of practicing taking a break “from” my family, I realized that I also needed another type of break: to break from the world, “to be” with my family.


Recently I took a dreamy family vacation. We spent two weeks in Argentina, visiting its capital Buenos Aires and the remote region of Patagonia. As a dutiful mom with a little OCD, I made an extensive packing list with all the family needs: everyday outfits, winter coats, entertainment for the plane, drugs for any name it, it was on my luggage. What was also in my luggage: was my laptop. I thought: I can work on some breaks… I’m a mompreneur! I can’t close the store for 15 days… que pendeja!


Yes, WowMoms, we are amazing! You will hear me say that because I genuinely believe we really are, but to be awesome, we have to learn from our mistakes, and working during my family vacation was a mistake for me. Every morning I woke up thinking about the plan for the day, what we should visit, and what we should eat, but I also thought about that little email and that approval I should have sent. What happened day after day was that spending the day with my kids was so fun that by night I was out of energy to focus on my business, and I felt guilty about it.


After nine days on vacation, I managed to make time to sit and work. I thought that would alleviate the guilty feeling that I had for not taking care of it sooner. Do you know what happened? I felt worst! My kids, like me, stayed glued to their screens while working. And yes… I know that guilt is a big part of it, but I realized that I cannot teach my kids the importance of self-care, taking a break from the screens, and being present in your life when I was doing the exact opposite. They learn more by example than from my blah, blah, blah…

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So, I returned from my vacation and decided to take a break. This one is a real one, to spend time fully present with my family. I decided to stop emme shippings, meetings, and calls for 15 days while I recharge and continue to realign what I say with what I do. And to share my excitement about my first time "closing the store for vacation" I’m leaving 30% off on every emme collection from August 1st to August 14th, 2022, so you can also take a break from the routine and buy something lindo for you. That is also self-care! 

Enjoy the last days of the summer break. Nos vemos pronto!