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Mom Uniform to go out after the pandemic - emme

Mom Uniform to go out after the pandemic

It was 2016 when a friend asked me to collaborate on her blog writing a piece. By that time, I was a lonely SAHM, so I decided to write about what I was experiencing. As a stay-at-home-mom, I had picked my mom uniform, made out of skinny jeans and sleeveless tops, to simplify my morning routine. The mom uniform was the perfect solution for the rush of my mornings, but it also allowed me to finally remove the leggings that had become a symbol of my “I have no place to go” mindset.  
You see, in that period of my life, I felt unworthy of buying nice clothes. My thought was that since I wasn’t working nor going to “an office,” my garments didn’t matter…but what was happening is that I felt that I didn’t matter; my presence in the world didn’t matter. It wasn’t until I found my abuela’s earrings and started to wear my mom uniform that I could see the power within my role as a mom (and the purpose to create a jewelry line!). 

Back into my motherhood looks

Fast-forwarding to 2021, I feel that many of me went back to that mindset during the pandemic. With no real place to go and my role in motherhood back on 200%, there were days that it was easy to grab some leggings and a t-shirt and go on with my day. However, here in Miami, we are finally living the post-pandemic season. Summer is here, and the city is open. I’m vaccinated and ready to update my mom uniform and feel the freedom and empowerment it brings me.
For this post-pandemic season, I played a little bit more with the idea of the mom uniform. Instead of picking just one silhouette for the top and one for the bottom, I chose seven pieces to mix and match. However, I’m keeping the basic run of every garment on my mom closet: solid colors, low maintenance fabric, and extra comfortable!

7 pieces Mom Uniform 

mom uniform Macy Calderon

  • Loose button-down shirt. I’ve had this shirt for at least six years. It is four times “my size,” but I love how it always makes any outfit look relaxed and chic at the same time.
  • Shoulder pad T-Shirt. A new item in my mom closet, this t-shirt is casual and trendy at the same time.
  • Bodysuit. A cheating piece, as I like to call it. This is not originally a bodysuit but instead a swimsuit. So you will see me wearing pants on a Tuesday and at the beach on Sunday.

mom uniform Macy Calderon

  • White Shorts. A risky pick for a mom closet, but they are perfect for the weather this season brings. If I add a white blazer, they transform into an elevated short suit!
  • Silky Skirt. Also, a recent buy to my closet. The silhouette is chic, but for me is the shiny look that makes it a favorite because it can be dress up and down.
  • High waist pants. Mom pants! Even though my first version of my mom uniform included only skinny jeans, I’m happy to report that I’m in love with the high-waist trend we are living.

Mom Uniform Macy Calderon

  • Flouncy dress. For hotter days (the weather or your mood), I had this dress for four years now, and every time I think I’m getting rid of it, I remember how fresh, light, and girly it is.


Here you have a mom uniform update perfect for the post-pandemic season. Pair them with this 7 pieces of timeless jewelry and you'll be ready to go out again like quarantine never happened!  
Have a joyful day WowMom!