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Mini earrings: the perfect choice for moms with little kids - emme

Mini earrings: the perfect choice for moms with little kids

No matter how much we had wanted or planned motherhood when we became a mom, life changed and surprised us. Our routines, priorities, and of course, our style were no longer the same. Did it happen to you, WowMom? Did you look at yourself in the mirror one day and got surprised by the new you?

mini earrings, cute jewelry

Although we are no longer the women we were before, we can still find a new version of our style without jeopardizing our new role. I always recommend picking a mom uniform for the first few years of motherhood. If you can pair it with mini earrings, even better!

After my son was born, I fell under a hurricane. The first few months were of constant change, and although each stage of motherhood brought its own challenges, those first few months felt difficult. But the storm always passes, and sooner rather than later, I returned to find a balance or at least reconquer my style…because antes muerta que a mess!



New moms: how to win back your style

mini earrings, cute jewelry

I think practicality is the key word at this stage of motherhood. Everyday life can be pretty chaotic, and the task of looking perfect can be overwhelming. If you're a new mom still surrounded by baby smell and round rosy cheeks, chances are you don't miss stilettos. It happened to all of us! But you can always mix your leggings with timeless mini earrings.

When I set out to create the mini earrings collection, I wanted practicality and good design to be the essence of this collection. Simple jewelry for new moms facing the challenges of their new role. Emme's mini earrings are timeless and versatile, so if you spend days with the same pair, there will be no problem because they will go well with any outfit and on any occasion.

The mini earrings are for new and not-so-new moms. It's a collection for adding a spark of joy to a hectic life!

When wearing the mini earrings:

  • You'll feel cute.
  • You'll look ready for any occasion.
  • You'll start your day with joy.


mini earrings, cute earrings


Mini earrings are perfect for moms with little kids that want to focus on holding little hands first while still being a stylish Wowmom.

Do you have your mini earrings? Visit the store and get yours!