Marta Gonzalez is a daredevil Mom and a successful entrepeneur. A couple of months ago she made the decision to leave a reliable corporate job to follow her passion and creative journey. Marta is the co-creator of Vivalto Media a digital marketing agency located in Miami. Whether you are a small business or a TV star, Marta and her team will make sure that your digital strategy is on point and that your brand shines on the internet.
I asked Marta some questions about being a mompreneur.

Macy: What is VivAlto Media?
Marta: VivAlto Media is a creative agency with more than 10 years of experience in the digital world. Our services focus on building an entrepreneurs, company or celebrity digital ecosystem.
Macy: Why do you decide to embark in this adventure?
Marta: I decided to embark on this adventure because I felt my professional career needed to take another step.  I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone and timing was perfect to start my own business.
Macy: Where do you see Vivalto Media in 10 years?
Marta: I see VivAlto Media as one of Miami's top digital agencies also with full time employees and a beautiful office with ocean view.
Macy: How being a mom has influenced your work and career?
Marta: Wow I think being a mom has influenced every aspect of my professional career as I want my daughter to think big, to give her the tools to be economically independent and to believe in her talent and that if mom was able to build her business, nothing can stop her.
Macy: What advice do you have for another entrepreneur moms?
Marta: My advice is to enjoy the process, don't stress, give your business time to really achieve the results you want. Create a nice working space that inspires you and most importantly value the time you are able to spend with your children.
Thank you Marta and keep going! We cannot wait to see what your hard work and talent will bring in the future.