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Katy Taurel - emme

Katy Taurel

For the last twelve years, Katy Taurel has dedicated her hands to transform the look of women. Katy is a talented artist that uses her knowledge to enhance every women's soul through a beauty transformation. Katy is also an educator who shares her love on makeup and hair with others.


M: What is Katy Taurel Makeup & Hair?

Katy Taurel: Love for fashion and beauty has always been a very important part of my life. I was born in beautiful Venezuela, where beauty is a crucial part of our culture. Early on, I discovered makeup and hair as a way to express my vision of who I want to be, and that led me to find the career I love. Through the years, I continue perfecting my craft and specializing in airbrush makeup, updos, and making you look and feel beautiful


Now Katy Taurel Makeup and Hair is how me and my fantastic team get to empower women through beauty and make their special days amazing!


I believe that Beauty a luxurious experience, the Transformation into your true self. Over 12 years of international experience as a Makeup and Hair artist have taught me that My Work is to enhance your natural beauty as an expression of your personality.


M: Why do you decide to embark on this entrepreneurship?

Katy Taurel: I started as a makeup artist for MAC and slowly transitioned to being a freelancer. With time I understood that I needed to expand my business mindset so this could work.


M: Where do you see Katy Taurel Makeup & Hair in 10 years?

Katy Taurel: I dream of continuing what I love. Working with amazing women and empowering more women through beauty!


M: How being a mom has influenced your work and career?

Katy Taurel: Being a mom taught me to be more productive and organized. Gave me a clear sense of priority!


M: What advice do you have for other entrepreneur moms?

Katy Taurel: Remember what you are working for! Your biggest responsibility is with your, values your famil,y, and your loved ones. 


To see Katy's work you can follow on @katytaurel and you can book an appointment or class with her on her website