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Jael Toledo - emme

Jael Toledo

The first time I met Jael Toledo, she was wearing red lipstick, and later I heard her say that she used the color as a superhero cape. The red color and made her feel invincible and with the ability to change lives...I couldn't agree more. With inspirational words and a magnetic personality, this therapist and mom of three help women find themselves again.

Macy: Who is Jael Toledo?
Jael: I firmly believe I can't begin to explain who I am without tracing back the steps I've taken in my life. The path I've walked towards becoming a non-conventional systemic therapist began with my Bachelor's in Psychology and Special Education. This led me to see with my own eyes how many children's learning difficulties come from issues within their parents' relationship. Inspired by this, I pursued my master's in Marriage and Family Counseling, which nowadays has given me the tools to help those around me find the power to be themselves. However, my path isn't just what I've done as a professional. It's the sum of my experiences as a person. I was born in the U.S., raised in Colombia, completed my military service in Israel, and finally settled down in Miami, a city I call home today. My path has also made me a mother of three, a wife, a friend, an entrepreneur, a daughter, a sister, an aunt. And like so many other women, I still play many different roles and encompass infinite versions of myself in my daily life.

Macy: Why do you decide to start working on mental health?
Jael: I entered the mental health field because I grew up in a house with a very violent father. My goal was to understand the mind of someone whose role is to love and protect you, but they hurt you.

Macy: What is P.A.T.H. Therapy?
Jael: As my therapeutic model, P.A.T.H Therapy is based on possibilities, acceptance, trust, and hope. And I believe it to be a transforming experience for those who embark on it. It's the result of the power I see in neuro-emotional exercises and sensory experiences to unblock what's on the inside. It's focused on the quality of a whiteboard as a tool for self-discovery as well as on the empathy, trust, and familiarity that emerge when I bring my own experiences to the table, making the healing process a friendlier one. It's established upon my belief that possibilities are the beginning of everything. And on the firm conviction, decision power is the key to releasing and better understanding our identity.

Macy: How being a mom has influenced your work and career?
Jael: Being a mother has allowed me to learn to love my imperfections, to accept that I learn daily and that they (my kids) are great teachers of life.


Macy: What advice do you have for moms that feel that their minds are not in the right place?
Jael: How many of us have felt lost on the way to find ourselves? Today I invite you to become a private investigator of your emotional life. What has happened to get to where you are? To feel how you feel? Ask yourself those questions that you seldom take the time to ask yourself. We often reach those confusing stages due to situations that we live, where we forget ourselves to take care of the whole world. Stop, feel the confusion, and try to remember the moment that you lost that essence that makes you so unique.