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Illiett Ojeda - emme

Illiett Ojeda

I've been drawn to Illiet's energy since the moment I met her. Illiett is a doer. She takes an idea and makes it happen. In 2020, she changed her life by leaving corporate America and jumping into the Mompreneur train with her project ChasinBalance.

Macy: Who is Illiett Ojeda?
Illiett: Illiett is an ambitious and passionate soul - completely in love with life and the process of it. When she is not memorized by the opportunity of creating, making, thinking, learning and being - she is living for her family, her business, and her community.
Illiett loves to explore beautiful corners within her city and when traveling, she loves to work out, she enjoys teaching and challenging people's mindset, and she loves sunsets and a delicious latte!

Macy: What is Chasinbalance?
Illiett: Chasinbalance is the epitome of real life. It was created to captivate people and their "process"of living. It embraces that "balance" is not a destination but our daily purpose and how we utilize it.  Chasinbalance is the way to treat your mind, body, and spirit, it specialized in examining your routines, habits, mindset, physical movements and teaches you that balance is not linear and should be prioritized accordingly.
Today Chasinbalance has evolved to a community of women that do self care as therapy. They have accepted that mediocrity is not an option because we were meant to be more, do more... shake the earth with our existence.

Macy: Why do you decide to become a Wellness Coach?
Illiet: Welllness, wellbeing, health is the medicine to everything. Personally, every high and low I've ever been has been dealt with through physical fitness, journaling, working on my mental fitness, etc. I want to motivate and inspire people to see the ability in themselves. The ability to get better - to think deeper, to move their bodies in ways they never thought they could. I want people to believe in themselves. So, here we are..hahaha

Macy: How being a mom has influenced your work and career?
Illiett: Being a mom has influenced me in every way -- some people use it as a crutch or obstacle, I have refused to do that.  
I want them to see me as someone that has substance, heart, drive, ambition. I don't talk about that, I do it. I've always wanted to be great in all aspects of my life and becoming a mom just gave me something to add to my resume. Another incredible accomplishment on the things we can do and BE.

Macy: What advice do you have for moms that are looking for balance?
Illiett: Moms, you CAN DO IT ALL, YOU CAN just not at the same time.  Figure out (really think and be honest with yourself) what is priority/important to you daily and manage that - 1 day at a time. Understanding that different areas in our life need our attention at different times. And of course, making sure that balance has a definition that includes filling up our own tank with the fuel we need to provide and be the best version of ourselves.

Watch my #emmemoment with Illiett, where we talked about how we can use Visualization techniques, such as Vision Boards, to encourage ourselves to be a better version.