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I went to a Baby Shower and saw the future! - emme

I went to a Baby Shower and saw the future!

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a baby shower, and the organizers invited us to play a game. I have to admit that I love Baby Showers games, so I was super happy to participate. One of the games was very simple: it was a raffle, and you had to guess one gift on a baby registry. It was as simple as thinking: What the best gift for a mom is?

The best gift for a mom

At the time of the game, my mind immediately went to the objects that a mother uses to take care of her baby: diaper bag, stroller, burp cloths, breast pump…BREAST PUMP! I was right! I was happy to feel like an expert mom with the correct answer but getting right that response got me thinking: Is really an item on a baby registry the best gift for a mom-to-be?

Gifts and a future mother are the centers of this kind of event. No matter if it is a first, second, third or fifth child. No matter if the mother wants a traditional tea party or a karaoke extravaganza. No issue if it is in the morning or the afternoon, every baby shower has a mother and gifts.

However, I started to think that we should bring something else. Besides a gift for the mom, I will talk about this next time, I think we should bring to this events the gift of knowledge, the gift of expertise, the gift of the advice of something that we have learned in our journey. As mothers, we are full of experience, but we tend to give the “sleep before the baby comes” advice once and once again.

Baby Showers should be feminine circles of wisdom. 

What would happen if we take some time of the baby celebration and we focus on the mom? What would happen if, for every “object” that we bring, we also carry a handwritten note with the best advice that we can offer to her? What If we turned our motherhood experiences into pearls of wisdom to share between us? What would happen if the mom became the center of our attention?

I think that if we try this, we will have more emotional prepared mothers. We will see moms that will know who to call when they feel tired or hopeless. I am sure that this way we would build the positive community that we need to succeed in motherhood. I know that this way we will create the future we all are looking for.

Don’t you think?

Let me know in the comments!



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