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How to mix spring trendy tops with pearls - emme

How to mix spring trendy tops with pearls

In my #momcloset there are two items that are never missing: jeans and pearls. They  share two characteristics that I love in clothing: they’re timeless and versatile. I don't think any other garments have stayed trendy for so long and while it's true that fashion is cyclical and as such it comes and goes, jeans and pearls never completely leave our closets.

And in the middle of these two classics of the closet, what exists? 

The best way to mix these two timeless pieces of fashion is with a trendy top or shirt with which you can completely change the style of your pearls and jeans.

Do you want me to show you how to do it for spring? Then continue reading.

Jean + Corset + Pearl Hoops

Corset tops are structured and very feminine. They are designed to highlight the female figure and fit any silhouette very well with any model of jeans, (although I prefer to use them with slightly wide ones to balance the tightness of the corset).Corsets are a trendy top that goes very well in spring and if you combine it with Pearl Hoops, you will feel feminine and sensual.

Spring trends

Jean + Crochet Tops + Asymmetrical Pearl Earrings

For the days when your mood is more boho or the atmosphere is more informal, a crochet top gives that different touch that makes me stand out from the rest. If you're more adventurous and like handmade garments, go for a woven crop top that goes great with a nice pair of mom jeans. To complete this bohemian look a pair of large earrings like the Asymmetrical Pearl Earrings are a winning combination.

Spring trends

Jean + Silk Top +  Pearl Pendant

One of my favorites are silk tops, those that look like lingerie, because they make me feel elegant. I prefer satin because even during the day, they are a good option to look a little more dressed up than normal. Combined with a blazer you will be ready for the office; get rid of it and it will be the perfect outfit for that romantic dinner and with the Pearl Pendant, it’s a brilliant combination.

Spring trends

Jean + Sequin Top + Double Pearl Ring

Long live the shine! Sequins are another of the elements that do not go out of style and that go well for many occasions. We almost always think of a sequined top as an option for night outfits, but the truth is that they also go very well during the day and that is one of the trends this spring. The sequin tops give you a touch of sensuality and if you combine it with the Double Pearl Ring it is the perfect outfit for when you do not want to go unnoticed.

Spring trends

The season changes and spring is here. It's time to reset our mom closet while maintaining our desire to look feminine and beautiful. I love these 4 options of tops and pearls, they’re outfits to feel like pearls, always beautiful and shiny.

Now it's your turn WowMom, how would you combine your jeans and pearls?