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The pair of hoop earrings that turned me into a Wowmom - emme

The pair of hoop earrings that turned me into a Wowmom

Emme's story

hoop earrings emme jewelry

Do you know the power that a pair of  hoop earrings may have?

And no, I'm not talking about magic. I'm talking about the transformative power and the empowering effect a good pair of earrings may have on us. If you want to know why I firmly believe in it, I should share my story and how a pair of hoop earrings transformed me into a WowMom to face a challenging moment. They offered me the opportunity to found a business and discover my purpose in life.

All these thanks to a pair of earrings that belonged to my Abuela Olga.


My life before discovering my Abuela Olga's hoop earrings

I had them forgotten in the closet. I don't even know for how long because, in addition to the earrings, there was something else that I had lost: my inner power and that spark that made me want to undertake new projects. I had forgotten myself.

In 2013 I was a mom to a preschooler and a toddler, both of whom required my full attention. I was a Hispanic immigrant woman who had been away from the corporate world for more than two years, and although I knew that I had all the skills to be successful as a mother and businesswoman, I couldn't find a way to start.

Every afternoon, around 5pm, the same feeling invaded me. I felt like the walls of my house were closing, transforming my home into a prison and stealing the joy every mother should live by. I was full of negative feelings, resentments, and complaints that did not let me enjoy my present, much less envisioning a future.

I urgently needed to change my course, but my vision was blurry.

I needed a pair of earrings.

hoop earrings emme jewelry

How a good pair of hoop earrings help empower yourself

I'm not talking about magical jewelry, but to the transformation a good pair of hoop earrings can generate in us by making us feel beautiful and joyful. The first step is to empower ourselves to be true WowMoms.

The day I found my Abuela Olga's hoop earrings marks a before and after in my life. It was the beginning of a personal transformation and the day emme also began to take shape. Emme, my jewelry brand, is more than a business: it is a life project.

Never leave home without earrings and lipstick

The walls of my house were now expanding.

My Abuela Olga's pair of beautiful green earrings became the beginning of a new me. A new world opened up when I discovered that a simple but purposeful accessory could:

hoop earrings emme jewelry
  • Make me feel good about myself and recognize that self-love is first
  • Increase my self-esteem.
  • Transform me into a joyful mom and a happy companion.
  • Spark the flame of empowerment and give me the energy I needed to take action and undertake new projects.
  • Want me to bring other women the desire to discover their potential to be joyful.
  • Start a business.


From the day I discovered that pair of earrings until today, a lot has happened. There has been a lot of self-discovery work. I've created a brand, and I feel more joyful in my role as a mother.

That same empowering flame was the spark that created Emme jewelry.

Emme is a jewelry brand that connects mamas to their full potential and the absolute joy of being themselves. Emme is the reminder of their powerful, creative, and feminine power, the one that can raise a family and change the world.

Macy Calderon