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Gift-wrapping ideas for a mom in a rush - emme

Gift-wrapping ideas for a mom in a rush

5 days away from Christmas Day, and my to-do list is growing at a fast pace. If you have heard or suffered Christmas burnout, you know it is real. We want to make our families have such a magical time that we over-schedule ourselves during the holidays. So any tip or trick to shorten that list is always a good idea, like making gift-wrapping faster as possible.

If I’m lucky and got the help, I plan a couple of hours on a December weekend and do all the gift-wrapping at once. That saves me a lot of time trying to find the tape and scissors that my daughter always keeps for her “special projects”. Esa niña loves crafts! So after picking materials and tools and mix it with a little ponche, I’m ready to go.

3 easy gift-wrapping ideas

I have tried these 3 ideas once and once again, so they are my favorite.

bag gift-wrapping emme jewelry
  • Gift Bag. The oldest trick in the book, find a lovely gift bag and place the present inside. For an extra kick, put the traditional tissue paper triangles on top and closet it up. See here.
ribbon gift wrapping emme jewelry
  • Nice ribbon. If the present comes in a nice box or too big to wrap, just place decorate with a vibrant ribbon. It’s classy and easy to do. See here.
fabric gift wrapping emme jewelry
  • Fabric. This is my adaptation of the Furoshiki Japanese technique. With a cloth square, I can wrap anything! I always add a little Christmas decoration leftover to make it more festive. See here.

Any of these gift-wrapping ideas won’t take me more than 5 minutes per present. All the gifts will look lovely under the tree. And once I finished, I’ll have more time to get into the joy to celebrate Christmas in family and drink a little bit more of ponche!