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Gift Card: what to give when you don't know what to give - emme

Gift Card: what to give when you don't know what to give

I love giving gifts! I love to think about my connection with the person, past conversations, and their hobbies, and pick a personal gift. It's my way of showing love and care. I also love the anticipation and excitement as they open the wrapping and discover what I have chosen, especially for them. However, no matter how much care I put into choosing gifts, there are some people that are challenging to gift. To these people in my life, I always get Gift Cards.

gift card

Mi prima Chichita, whom I love and care about deeply, is sometimes challenging to gift. It doesn't matter how much time I take to plan her gifts; I never get it 100% right. She has often exchanged a gift for something almost identical to what I got her. Chichita, don't get mad if you read this… you know how you are!

What you gift when you give a gift card

gift card

I'm sure you have at least one person in your life like mi prima. You love them but need to figure out what to get them. Because not all people are the same, some are more difficult to please, yet the solution is simpler: get them a gift card.
When giving a gift card to someone, you're also giving them the following:

  • Freedom to choose what they like the most.
  • Practicality to use it how and where they want.
  • Possibilities to satisfy a need that you may not know about.

Gift cards save time and energy when you don't know what to get to a loved one! That is why I introduced emme gift cards. If you have a WowMom that you love but need to know what to get, you can send them a gift card.

The best part of an emme gift card?

  • They come in flexible amounts of $25, $50, $100, and $200.
  • They are delivered in minutes through email.
  • They have no additional processing fees.
  • They have no expiration date.

I still really enjoy choosing gifts for my loved ones, but I know that gift cards are my ace up my sleeve to give when I don't know what to give.

Do you like to give gifts too, but you're afraid you won't get them right?

Give a gift card from emme.