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Family Picture

I grew up in the 80's, so I do not have many photos from my childhood. I have typical pictures of some specials birthdays where my dad or some guest brought a camera and took pictures while I was blowing the candles or next to the piñata before breaking it. Maybe I have a picture of my whole family at Christmas, but most likely it is out of focus, or someone is looking at the wrong side.


My children, on the other hand, have a gallery of approximately 20,000 photos. I am not exaggerating; there are 20,000 photos saved and cataloged in digital albums on my computer. Holidays, birthdays, family parties, school events or any day have an image to remember. However, the other day when I had to send a family photo to the school, I realized that there are few pictures of me with my kids. I almost have the same number of images with my parents that I have with my children.


Let’s take pictures!


For 2017, I have decided that I am going to take a picture every month with my children. Surely those will be casual photos during the weekend, but now in December, I want it to make it special. And when I say special I mean that we will all look “matched" ... (I have to admit that those are my favorites). Looking for inspiration to take a picture together this year I got myself with these three ideas of combinations that I want to share with you:


Formal: My daily outfit is like a uniform, you know it. So when I get an opportunity to wear high heels and a dress I love it because it's like breaking with the routine and feeling elegant for a while. Besides, I'm sure this will be my little girl’s favorite choice.



Cozy: I believe that this is the dress of most of us on Christmas morning and Sundays with extended breakfasts, so it's an excellent idea for a photo together that will feel cozy and homey. Without asking, I know that my husband and son will vote for this option and that after taking the picture they will stay all day in pajamas.



Alike: this is the most elaborate option because you have to get the same outfit in different sizes and for different genders. Regardless of the extra work, this is my favorite option. The photos look beautiful!



Which option would you choose for your family photo?


I still have not decided, but whatever option I pick  I will treasure it as a beautiful memory of my life as a mom and how special is to spend December as a family. 


See you in 2017, chic moms!