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Entrepreneur Mom


When I became a mom a few years ago, I quickly learned that motherhood is a source of abundant talents. In a matter of days, I already knew how to breastfeed,  change diapers and wash pounds of dirty clothes in the blink of an eye. In a few months, I was a cook, nurse and expert masseur. It only took a few years for the educator and photographer take over me. Talents seem to flow side by side with my needs as a mother.

As empowered as it means being a mom and embracing new skills, I have discovered one that has surprised me: to be an entrepreneur.

Launch to Balance

The idea of start a business came into my life as it comes to the life of many moms. We look for ways to balance our professional role and motherhood. We want to be productive and creative while we can control our schedules and energy a little more. Certainly, there are weeks that we achieve that balance better than others, but what it is true is that it comes with transformation, empowerment and a lot of passion for what is done.

In the last year, I have met Mompreneurs in multiple areas. It has been very motivating to listen to each one of their stories and to know their creations. Those are stories of courage, sacrifice and feminine strength that only a mother can demonstrate and that only other moms can understand.

This fall season do not miss the opportunity to gift creativity and quality work of women, moms, wives, and friends. Not only will you support entrepreneurship, but you will also strengthen the role of a mother.