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Emergency kit to handle Christmas stress - emme

Emergency kit to handle Christmas stress

christmas stressAs a Latina mom Christmas is especially exciting. Since November, I have started to take out the decorations and plan the celebration. I make a list to buy ingredients for unique holiday dishes; I buy kids' new clothes, tidy up the house, and invite guests over. The to-do list seems endless and although everything is exciting, inevitably, there are some christmas stress

Keep calm, break the glass and take out your emergency kit.

Food, gifts, joy, celebration! When I think of the holidays, those are the first words that come to mind. This time of year is the perfect excuse to gather around as a family and share, and that's why I love it. 

If you want to enjoy the holidays as you deserve, set aside small moments of the day to do what gives you happiness and helps you recover balance. 

Because self-care matters, wowmom!


My Christmas survival kit

1. Listen to joyful music.

Music is magic; I like to listen to my favorite music when stressed. These days I listen to holiday music because it puts me in a festive mood. Any task seems simple if I play my Spotify playlist with a mix of Latin and American classics, like in a good bilingual home.

christmas stress

2. Bake just for fun.

Just thinking about the smell of freshly baked cookies makes my bad mood go away. Baking just for fun is one of the things that calms me down the most, especially if I do it with the kids. These Candy Cane Cookies fill my kitchen and heart with excitement. Baking is my favorite activity to handle Christmas stress

3. Wrap gifts.

Folding sheets of paper while wrapping gifts and imagining the faces of the people you love should be therapy! Wrapping gifts is one of the reasons I love Christmas. I take all the gifts together, and one night after the kids are in bed, I pour a slight of "ponche crema," play my holiday playlist and make myself a little happier.

christmas stress

4. Take naps.

A cozy nap is perfect and makes me happy all year round. On Christmas Eve Day, a nap is a must in my family, so we stay up until midnight. A nap relaxes the body and the mind. It's like giving ourselves a hug of self-care. 

5. Being grateful.

I often forget that I have many reasons to say thank you. During Christmas stress moments 

I've learned to set aside a few minutes and list 10 things I feel blessed for. Gratitude is an instant oxytocin boost and a quick way to connect to joy.

This is my emergency kit to bring joy during the busy holiday days. What about you? What do you do to stop Christmas stress and connect with the happiness of this season

christmas stress