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Cierra Bragan - emme

Cierra Bragan

 With the warmth that only a southern girl knows how to give, Cierra is a leader in Miami's mom community. Born in Alabama, this mom of three has an adventurous and entrepreneurial heart. After living in Key Biscayne,  she fell in love with the cultural diversity of South Florida and decided to start a community for Moms.
Cierra: Miami Mom Collective is MIami's Premier Parenting Resource and Community. We exist to encourage, equip, and empower local moms with relevant resources and a meaningful community. It is our aim to help local and national brands connect their products and services with Miami Moms and families. 
  • Macy: Why did you decide to start this community?

Cierra: As a mother of 3 now, each and every day I grow more convinced of the need we have to live in community. I began Miami Mom Collective when my daughter had just turned 1 and I was pregnant with my 2nd. I experienced firsthand just how magical and lonely motherhood can be. Especially in a transient city like Miami, women need to be encouraged and connected with each other. I knew there would be incredible value in providing a quality resource for Moms along with a meaningful community to connect with.  I say it often and believe with all my heart that, "Motherhood is hard but it doesn't have to be lonely." If even one Mom finds a meaningful connection with another mother I count it worth all of the hard work of the last 3 years.

  • Macy: Where do you see this community in 10 years?
Cierra: I see MMC as the leading parenting resource in South Florida and our community deepened and expanded to include thousands of moms who are intentional about seeking out meaningful connections with other women. I also see myself with a lot more gray hairs as I'll be raising a 14 year old, 13 year old and 11 year old! ;)
  • Macy: How being a mom has influenced your career?
Cierra: I believe that my role as a mother has equipped me in ways I would have never imagined before becoming a mother. My business was literally birthed out of me becoming a mother so there are a million ways I feel that being a mom has influenced my work. Motherhood has shown me how resilient, influential, and strong I can be when I set my gaze off of myself and onto the privilege of serving others. Choosing to do this makes my work a meaningful overflow instead of a burden or simply a task to be accomplished or a goal to be achieved. My role as a mother is an avenue, like my business, in which I get to live out my primary calling as an encourager, leader, and servant. 
  • Macy: What advice do you have for another entrepreneur mom?
Cierra: There is wisdom in counsel and there is accountability in community. You were never meant to do it all alone or perfectly. Show yourself immeasurable grace and surround yourself with like-minded women who will encourage you and who will also be bold and brave to speak the truth to you in love. Remember why you started and most of all - savor the season you're in because the seasons inevitably change!