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Christmas gifts wishlist for WowMoms - emme

Christmas gifts wishlist for WowMoms

Gifts are everyone's favorite part of Christmas, right? Food and family gatherings matter, but everyone's favorite moment is when we discover what is hidden behind the pretty packaging. I'm the kind of person that will tear the wrapping paper just to marvel at the gift that makes me feel special.  In my family, I'm still responsible for getting presents for everyone. Sometimes, I even buy the gifts that my kids exchange between them! It can be so tiring that when someone asks me what I want for Christmas, my answer will be: just algo bonito like me!

christmas gifts wishlist

Last year I made a wishlist of things I needed or wanted and shared it with my family. At first, I thought it was a boring idea, removing all the emotion of receiving an unexpected gift. However, at the end of the holidays, I was happy to have received presents that I liked and were helpful. Since last year was such a hit, I decided to make a Christmas gift wishlist this year and share it with you, WowMom.

What I like the most about this Christmas Gifts Wishlist is that all the brands are from Latina Women! So good quality, good design, and a lot of amor go into making these products. This is my first gift for you, a wishlist of goodies to give to yourself or to give to the other amazing women in your life.


My Christmas Gift Wishlist for WowMoms

1.- Agenda PODEROSA by Hola Lola

What mom doesn't need to keep track of her life and her little one's life? An agenda is good for everyone, and Hola Lola's agenda is practical and outstanding. It has 12 beautiful illustrations in full color with details in gold, inspired by femininity and nature. The sheets are made of cream-colored bamboo paper. It’s an eternal planner, so you can use it anytime. It also comes with stickers which we can use to highlight our entries. 

2.- Ylang Ylang Facial Soap Box by Kat Kat Naturals

We have discussed this before, Self-care is a MUST for every WowMom. Taking care of ourselves is mandatory, and Kat Kat Naturals knows it. The ingredients used in these soaps are carefully selected and even harvested to ensure the product is safe. 

The Ylang Ylang face soaps are so gentle with the skin that we will feel loved. Give yourself (or give away) this box with 8 bars of soaps that, more than cleansers, will feel like a caress on our skin.

3.- APASIONADA Eyelashes by Grace LashHouse

Grace LashHouse is a brand of false eyelashes, and APASIONADA is its ultra-fine lash set. I love these lashes because, in addition to having a very natural look and making our eyes look beautiful, they are made with a vegan material and are, like all Grace Lashouse products, 100% cruelty-free. 

An unexpected gift but one that will make the most flirtatious WowMoms joyful.

4.-Modern Stacked Ring in Gold by Emme

Mom's hands, which give so much, deserve to look beautiful on any occasion. This is why this ring is my favorite. The Modern Stacked Ring in Gold is beautiful and versatile - whether you're out for bread or meeting with the client to close a deal.

 It's handmade in Silver and covered in 24K Gold. It's elegant and timeless, and I am sure that any WowMom will joyfully jump when receiving it.

Christmas gift wishlist

5.- Poderosas Notepad from Hola Lola

We all know that our to-do list can go forever! But if we keep it in our minds, we will undoubtedly forget something. This notepad is perfect for keeping track of our to-do's, making a quick shopping list, or even leaving a message for your kid.

It is impossible not to love the included affirmation: Hoy me siento Poderosa, which is why it is one of my favorite items on this Christmas Gifts wishlist.

6.-Lucky Kat Kat Candle Set by Kat Kat

This candle set is perfect for when we take our emme moment, meditate or do Affirmations. Any relaxation ritual could be a special moment if we lit an all-natural made candle. This trio is made with ethically sourced beeswax without added scents.

This set comes with two lucky cat-shaped candles and a heart-shaped one for those special occasions with your partner in crime.

7.- Lola Gold Hoop Earrings by Emme

No gift wishlist can be complete without a pair of earrings! The Lola Gold Hoop Earrings are everything a couple of hoops need to be: timeless with a chic touch. These hoops can be paired with any neckline in our mom's closets or any activity in our calendar. We'll look bonita every time.

Christmas gift wishlist

Isn't this gift wishlist great? 

Save it or share it with your loved ones. Get ready to tear a lot of gift-wrapping paper this year!