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Christmas Eve outfits that say that I'm a Latina mom - emme

Christmas Eve outfits that say that I'm a Latina mom

Christmas is filled with specific flavors and aromas that I love. Spices and rum from my Abuela's cake, the natural smell of the pine tree, and the particular smell of the Venezuelan hallacas. Christmas also has specific colors; I'll always go for the traditional red, green, and gold. Maybe I let myself be carried away, but those are the colors I want to wear even in my Christmas Eve outfits.

Christmas Eve outfits

Speaking of Christmas Eve outfits, that is another big tradition as well. In my Latin family having new clothes during the holidays is a must. No matter your age or gender, we all have what we call: "estreno," which translates to "new outfit" for holiday gatherings. So since today, I'm already planning what my estreno will be for this year.

And even though I like to wear Christmas colors in my outfits this season, I don't want to look like a walking decoration, antes muerta than a mess! So here are my top choices for my Christmas Eve outfit. Do you want to see them?

Christmas Eve Outfits for coqueta moms

Outfit 1. Green Bodydress + Bold Hoop

Christmas Eve Outfits

I have worn many green dresses on Christmas Eve, but I'm considering wearing an updated version this year. A beautiful green body dress highlights all the exercise I've done this year, and I paired the Bold Hoops to feel like a sexy Latina mom.

Outfit 2. Red Shirt + Pants + Glass Hoops

Christmas Eve outfit

I live in Miami, so a more casual look that allows me to be comfortable while enjoying the music and drinks outdoors is a must. A red shirt and pants are excellent to achieve that blend of comfort and a touch of formality. And for a bit of spark, I'll add the Glass Hoop Earrings.

Outfit 3. Shorts + Jacket + Star Pendant

Christmas Eve outfit

This was my Christmas Eve outfit last year. I like it so much that I'm considering repeating it again this year. A more neutral color: white shorts and a white jacket with a brown body or maybe a glittery top if I want to feel chicer. This outfit goes perfectly with the Star Pendant, Earrings, or Ring.

Outfit 4. Pajama + Mini Earrings

Christmas Eve outfits

Pajamas are a classic on Christmas day; if you coordinate it with your kids, even better. It's the best way to wait for open Santa presents, don't you think? Comfortable checkered pajamas go well for the whole family. Of course, I'll not wear jewelry, so I'll pair it with cute emme mini earrings.

My favorite? I still need to decide on any of these Christmas outfits!  

Are you like me and are already thinking about what you will wear this Christmas? I hope my outfits inspire you and that an emme piece complements your Latina mom look this Christmas.

christmas eve outfits