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Carla Curiel - emme

Carla Curiel

Carla Curiel is not only a mighty mompreneur, but she is also a proud Latina and is in the journey to teach all our kids the beauties of her culture. Carla is the CEO and co-creator of Mundo Lanugo a socially responsible world that connects kids to the Hispanic culture and promotes the Spanish language while building their identity and self-esteem. Carla’s world of entertainment was born from her personal need to pass Hispanic traditions to her twin girls.

Carla was kind enough to share with us a little bit more about her project and how motherhood has influenced her.  

Macy: What is Mundo Lanugo? 

Carla: It’s a bilingual family media company focused on creating culturally relevant content that promotes diversity and values through the power of storytelling and cultural wisdom.

Macy: Why do you decide to embark in this adventure?

Carla: Right before I started this venture, my co-founder and I sensed an underlying challenge in empowering multicultural children. It all started very personally at first. It started with my daughters, and then I quickly realized that I was not alone. The second I became a mom, I had an urge to share with them our music, our stories, and our values because I wanted to provide them with a sense of belonging and identity in their Hispanic Heritage, because at times, life is going to make them feel like they are not “enough” - not Latino enough because they are born and raised in the USA, and not American enough because they are Latino. But when I went looking for tools to help me raise proud bilingual and bicultural children, I just could not find much. And as parents, we felt we needed to provide our kids these tools,because children NEED to know where they come from in order to be CONFIDENTabout where they are going. So to fulfill this mission of inspiring pride, confidence and a sense of belonging, the best way to do it was to do was through stories: stories they love; stories where they can see themselves represented.

Macy: Where do you see Mundo Lanugo in 10 years?

Carla: Contributing and sharing our Latino culture in global, multilingual platforms.

Macy: How being a mom has influenced your work and career?

Carla: Yes! It’s why I started and why I continue going every day. Children inspire me - particularly my own of course. But knowing that there are also many children that don’t have the privilege to either have parents, or have parents who have the knowledge and luxury to empower them in their identity because these parents are working non-stop, and dealing with their own life challenges, makes me feel the need to step up and create tools like animated videos, digital apps, books, and live shows that inspire in return pride, confidence and a self of belonging to these kids.

Macy: What advice do you have for another entrepreneur moms?

Carla: Grit and conviction will be your best friends. Make sure that you are very passionate about your venture - "can’t sleep, can’t breathe, world-series kind of thing.” This is not easy, so if you do not LOVE it, you might give up on it.


Thank you, Carla! As Latina moms, we feel inspired by your work and love to see you succeed!