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Ashley Rodrigues - emme

Ashley Rodrigues

I met Ashley a couple of years ago through Miami Mom Collective. She was the mom of a little girl living in Miami back then. Through the years, I've seen her become a mom of three (twin boys!), move to Denver, and keep her smile while helping women manage the mental health challenges that motherhood brings. With a gentle presence, knowledge, and candid insights from her own life, she helps mothers in all their journey stages.

Macy: Who is Ashley Rodrigues? 
Ashley: I am a wife, and a busy mom of a 5 year old and twin 2 year olds. I am also a licensed therapist, small business owner who loves dance, yoga, gardening, art, hot coffee and sweatpants!
Macy: What is Ashley Rodrigues Wellness?
Ashley: Ashley Rodrigues Wellness is my other baby, my business! I run a private therapy practice in Denver, Colorado. I specialize in perinatal mental health which is essentially focusing on that stage of life pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum. I am also really passionate about working with women and families experiencing infertility, infant loss and miscarriage. I am excited to announce that I will be launching online courses and workbooks in the next few weeks. I really want to focus on taking tools that I use in therapy and making them accessible to everyone! Join me on instagram @ashleyrodrigueswellness to stay in touch with my programs for 2022! (Spoiler Alert, I am launching my first Womens Group!)
Macy: Why do you decide to focus your practice on women and the stages around motherhood?
Ashley: I think like most women, the experience of becoming a mother, changes you in a deep way. My experience of becoming a mother, experiencing secondary infertility and then having twins, profoundly impacted my view on life. I experienced first hand the gaps in the health care system in caring mothers, as well as the lack of community support. Being a new mom is isolating and all-consuming. I hope that my work can help provide such a needed service and support.
Macy: How being a mom has influenced your work and career?
Ashley: Motherhood was a huge catalyst in shifting my career to specializing in perinatal mental health counseling but it is a great accountability for me as a therapist. It keeps me real, and honest. In this season with three kids 5 and under, making small changes is so hard. Setting aside any personal time feels like a huge accomplishment. It really challenges me to support my clients in  very practical and honest ways. If it is not something  I could incorporate into my crazy life, I can’t expect my clients to do the same. 
Macy: What advice do you have for moms that are feeling that need help?
Ashley: 1. To do some self reflection on what not-so-realistic expectations you are pressuring yourself to meet. This could be an obsession with your kids looking perfect all the time, or a rigid perspective on what a family dinner needs to look like. If you can identify these pressures, you can actively work to “let it go”. 
2. Have honest communication about motherhood. We tend to sugar coat and minimize the great struggle of parenting! Being honest with other moms can help normalize your feels on bad days and helps undo the unrealistic expectations that society expects of mothers.
3. Shamelessly prioritize yourself. Whether it be schedule a weekly yoga class, or commit to reading that book that has been on your nightstand for weeks, you deserve you time. The better care you take of yourself, the better parent and partner you will be! 


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