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Amaranta Martinez - emme

Amaranta Martinez

Amaranta is a mom with many talents. She is a visual artist that has shared her expertise in many creative projects and collaborations as murals, ceramics, books, magazines, clothes, and toys on her account @thesuperama. However, her longtime dream was to create an educational show. Her vision became fulfilled when she co-created Pin Pan Pum Tv, an online show about values and Latin American culture.

As a good mom of twins, Amaranta seems to do everything in multiples. While launching her show, she also became a blogger and the Chapter Officer of the South Florida Mom Bloggers. In her blog Mamita Sin Culpa, she shares her stories as a woman, mom, wife, and talented professional. And in her account @thesuperama, she shares her creative talent.

We asked Amaranta some questions about Pin Pan Pum Tv and being a mompreneur.

Macy: How being a mom has influenced your work and career?

Amaranta: Well, I made a Live-Action Show for my twins, so I guess A LOT! hehe.

Macy: What is Pin Pan Pum TV?

Amaranta: Pin Pan Pum is a preschool show for kids 100% in Spanish and done 100% by Latinos. The idea of this show started with Sandra (my partner/socia) and me. As Latina moms and immigrants, we were worried that our kids wouldn’t learn our language and Latin American values. So we decided to make a show for them. After four years of hard work we finally launched our YouTube channel

Macy: Why do you decide to embark on this project?

Amaranta: I did it because I found another mom that was seeking the same type of shows for our kids. There are a lot of shows in Spanish, but usually, their content is originally in English, and then they just put subtitles in Spanish and dub it. So the idea is to teach kids about all the countries of Latin America and their culture. I think I would not have embarked on this adventure by myself, so I’m very grateful I found Sandra.

Macy: Where do you see Pin Pan Pum TV in 10 years?

Amaranta: I hope to see in books, toys, pillows, and schools! Here ins United States schools teach kids Spanish from an early age, so why not learn it with such cute characters.

Macy: What advice do you have for other mompreneurs?

Amaranta: Work hard, be persistent, and be patient. Everything takes a lot of work and a lot of time. But if you believe in what you do, keep going and don’t stop!

Thank you, Amaranta! We look forward to many more chapters of Pin Pan Pum Tv and more of your creativity at The Super Ama.