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A powerful intention to achieve New Year's resolutions - emme

A powerful intention to achieve New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions, mark the intention

I’m  a believer in the power of Intention. In recent years I have seen time after time how setting an intention for the things I want to achieve makes the result much better. I set intentions to do many things. Sometimes, I simply intend to cook for my children out of love. That helps me transform an activity that I don't like,  into something more meaningful and usually makes food always better.

But some intentions are more transcendental or at least they impact more areas of my life, like my annual intention. For this reason, my most important New Year's ritual is the reflection to find the intention that will rule the year to begin.

One word that sums up my New Year's resolutions

Defining one word per Year has become an essential ritual for me. Since my friend Lina invited me to set an intention in 2020, it has become one of my favorite rituals to start the Year by focusing all my resolutions on a single word.

My previous intentions have been:

    • 2020: Surrender
    • 2021: cConnection
    • 2022: Freedom

    Since the first year, after defining the intention, I stamp  the word in a circular pendant to always carry my intention with me.

    New Year's resolutions, mark the intention

    Worth: my word for 2023

    My word for this year is WORTH (Valor in Spanish). After reflecting on what I want to achieve this year and why I want to achieve it, the word came to me. Why did I choose WORTH as my intention for this Year?

    This Year I feel a deep need to connect with my purpose to serve and, therefore:

    • I want each of my actions to bring WORTH to those around me.
    • I want to be WORTHY to serve and generate changes in my environment.
    • I want each activity to which I dedicate my attention to be WORTHY.

    This Year I am ready to welcome 2023 with everything that comes. I am ready to achieve my goals and create WORTH in my life and for other WowMoms.

    Welcome 2023!