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6 words to tell emme jewelry’s story - emme

6 words to tell emme jewelry’s story

The end of February and the beginning of March is a season of joy in my house. I celebrate the birth of my son, my mom-anniversary, and emme’s anniversary that now I feel like my third child. Many years have passed since I found a pair of earrings from my grandmother Olga, the ones that inspired whatt emme jewelry is today.

To celebrate it, I have taken these days to reflect on what had happened in these first years of this project. Also I wanted to answer a question that has been in my head for some months: Is there any reason to keep going on?

6 years, 6 words


Between 2017 and 2018, emme started as a personal transformation project. After spending almost a lifetime dreaming of creating a jewelry line, I realized the perfect time would not come. Even though I was in the middle of raising two small children, it was the best time to go for it.

emme joyería

Instead of creating a jewelry line for special occasions, I did the opposite. I started designing for moms in the trenches like me, taking care of their children, and wanting to wear something nice and reconnect with who they were before they became moms.


Without a clear plan, the following year for was one of growth. It was like opening the door  and start inviting people to discover emme and in the meantime, continue understanding the needs of the mons who came to emme looking for jewelry that was so versatile and timeless that it could accompany them in their busy daily schedule.

At that time came the inspiration to create the Timeless Collection with linear designs that look good to go to the supermarket or to the office. From that Collection, the Timeless Earrings and the WowMom Charm remain favorites between the moms..


The second year in business it was clear in my heart that it was time to go out and connect with more moms. This year emme was present at bazaars, events, and in alliances with women's organizations. Wherever there was a message of female empowerment, that's where I took emme.

emme joyería

Talking with so many women, I understood how many become mompreneurs to balance their creative desires with their roles as moms. What a great source of creative inspiration is the feminine power to adapt! For them, I designed a colorful collection inspired by my Latin roots.


2020 was a year of adaptation. For the mothers of the community, it was a challenging year. Being the family leaders became a hefty mental and emotional burden during a lockdown.

That year the idea of ​​calling ourselves WowMoms was born. We strengthened ourselves, and the Collection with the same name was born, a collection full of medals to celebrate how amazing  moms are.


After spending too long at home, it was time to go out again. It was time to redesign the mom uniform for our new reality. 2021 was the year to design unique pieces for the WowMom Collection and launch the Horóscopo Collection for the most irreverent moms.


All creative projects come to a point where they stagnate, and as creators we question everything. That happened to me last year. Seeing my children grow made me wonder if my need to communicate and create for moms was still relevant. I spent many hours wondering if my purpose was relevant to someone else.

There was no precise moment in which I received an answer to my question. However, a phrase that a more experienced mom and friend told me gave me the strength to carry on: Although sometimes you don’t see your goals being met this season, be patient because it is coming.

Well, what happens now?

So 2023 arrived, and emme turns 5 years old! And although I was tempted to put a label on it, it's better to let the year go by and fill you and me with surprises. emme is jewelry, but it is also motherhood. emme and its designs represent courage, empowerment, pride, and the pleasure of living motherhood from joy. And not because WowMoms don't have challenges, all moms do, but we decided to face them and solve them out of love. 

emme joyería

emme is to decide every morning to wear a jewel that connects me with the joy I carry inside and, from there, go out and give the best. So as long as a mom feels a little lost in her new role or feels the desire to reconnect with herself and doesn't know where to start, I want emme to be there to accompany her.

Happy anniversary emme, thank you for reminding me that the path is always perfect.

emme joyería