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5 tips for working from home with kids around - emme

5 tips for working from home with kids around

Just because a global pandemic arrived, your nanny didn't make it, or your kid got sick, and your perfectly planned workday will go over the board. Suddenly you have to work from home with kids around. This is one of the most stressful scenarios a professional mom has to confront eventually. And once that day arrives, the frustration, guilt, and exhaustion also come into the agenda. I know how devastating these feelings can be, I have been there many times.

Mompreneurs work from home

For the last two years, I've been building a business from home. As a mompreneur, most of my days mix stay-at-home-mom activities with the requirements of a CEO. In the past, I couldn't even imagine being productive with a kid nearby. Now I'm able to advance and grow my business at a steady pace while figuring who left the milk out of the fridge. Having kids around while working has become part of my daily life, and I'm sure yours too. 

Macy calderon mompreneur working from home

However, don't get me wrong! I still believe that my sanity (or any mom that I know) is better to work without kids' interruptions. Yet, since reality sometimes doesn't meet my expectations, I met with educator and expert nanny Seismy Morgado (@lanannydeldoral) to get some advice. Together, we wrote down a list of recommendations for any mom balancing work and parenting.

5 tips to relieve the burden of working with kids around

1. Define a schedule, but be flexible about it. I've realized that the primary source of my frustration while working from home is not being able to follow my schedule as planned. So for my benefit, I start my day setting a purpose and tasks of what I want to accomplish during the day, but I also schedule a time for full attention to the kids. With a clear plan is more relaxed to be dynamic in case the situation requires it.

2. You need office space, but so do them. Define an area where the kids can make a mess,  play, and make a mess during the day while you work. And if the kids get loud, don't be afraid to use the closet or the bathroom as your conference call booth.

macy calderon mompreneur working from home3. Ask for help. During the stay-at-home orders where my family had to spent weeks at the time at home, I remembered how important it is to ask for help. I asked my partner to be in charge of the kids for at least two hours a day to concentrate on longer tasks. And if that option is not available, many teacher ad tutors can be hired online to help keep the kids entertained for a while.

4. Relax. Don't be hard on yourself, thinking if you are doing it good or bad. Don't compare yourself with other families. What we need now is to find out what brings peace to our family. Take the time to relax and you will see that your perception of the situation will change.

5. Schedule time together. (This is my favorite recommendation from Nanny Seismy) It is stressful to have changes in our work routine and time. However, it is vital to don't leave behind quality time with our kids. Even doing chores together can be a rewarding time together.

macy calderon mompreneur family time

If you are a mom struggling with working from home with kids around you, I hear you, and I feel you. As a mompreneur working from home with kids around, I've learned that change is inevitable, learning from it is my choice.

See you soon, mom!


Check out @lanannydeldoral for more advice on family care and kids' education! And if you are curious about the pictures, they were taken by @byLorenaPhotography as part of her Remote Room Project