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4 fashion jewelry trends that I'll carry to 2021 - emme

4 fashion jewelry trends that I'll carry to 2021

If you feel that 2020 was the fastest-slowest year in your life, you are not alone. Suddenly I'm in "a January," even though my life stopped in "a March." Many plans that I had for 2020 had to be thrown out, while others I'll reschedule to 2021. But either if I continue to live through zoom or finally in person, these are 4 fashion jewelry trends that will stay in my mom's closet. They were my favorite earrings and necklaces from 2020, and I feel that I didn't wear them enough.

Fashion Jewelry trends worth repeating

1. Abuelas' Pearls: Maybe it is a mix of design with sentimental reasons, but Pearls will be staying in my closet for a long time. And after watching JLo wearing them so chic, they are not going anywhere! Pearls are not only stylish, but they also have a mist of romantic elegance that goes well with delicate outfits. Perfect for those days, I want to keep in touch with my feminine side.
emme jewelry pearl collection
2. Round Hoops: One of my favorite geometric shapes, circles, have proven one and once again that they are timeless and the perfect accessory for moms on the go. One of the advantages of hoops as fashion jewelry is that they can dress you up or down. They are perfect for running an errand, but also they look good with a cocktail dress.
emme jewelry hoop collection
3. Chain Links: This was one of the 2020 jewelry trends that I didn't wear enough! Chains and chain links have a geometric piece's elegance but bring edge and boldness to any look. My favorite is the chain chokers because they go well with any neckline in my closet.
emme jewelry chain collection
4. Silver Shine: The fashion jewelry world oscillates between metal colors. There are decades where gold is king, then it changes to Silver and sometimes makes a dive into Rose Gold. Starting in 2020, I decided to expand every design intro to Silver, and it's been a hit! The silver trend in fashion jewelry is just beginning again, and we will see more of it in the coming years.
emme jewelry silver collection
Who knows what will 2021 will bring to the world and to my motherhood life! But no matter what, I will be ready for everything with a pinch of lipstick and fashion jewelry.