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3 tops + Corazon Collection: choose your Valentine's Day outfit - emme

3 tops + Corazon Collection: choose your Valentine's Day outfit

valentine's day outfit

Red is the color of love and passion, perfect for s Valentine's Day outfit. It's a vibrant color that goes well with all skin tones. Red also lifts the mood, so it's perfect for cheering you up even before leaving home. My recommendation is always to have a red top in your closet. When you want to cheer yourself up, wear it with your favorite pair of earrings and a bit of lipstick, it will surely change your day!

Jewelry, on its side, can turn an outfit from day to night, from casual to formal, from ok to WOW. The secret for this to happen is to balance the sizes and shapes of the accessories with the clothes. If not, we may look like what my mom would say, like arbolitos de Navidad.

Thinking of some outfit recommendations for Valentine's Day, I decided that if I don't stay home this year, it would be good to rescue the red tops from my closet and combine them with the most loving collection at emme, the Corazon Collection. The Corazon Collection includes silver heart-shaped pieces set with a white zircon that adds extra sparkle and, in contrast with a red top, will make a brilliant combination.

So, for this Valentine'sValentine's Day outfit, I recommend combining red and silver. Here I leave you 3 ideas for matching Red Tops + Heart Collection.

Option 1. High neck top + Small or Large Earrings

valentine's day outfit

High collars (closed shirts, turtlenecks) convey elegance, sobriety, and a bit of mystery. By covering the neck, we cover the front part of our body, and immediately the attention goes to our face. If elegant and mysterious is the mood you are looking for for your Valentine's outfit, you can achieve it in two ways:

1.1. High Neck Top with Small Earrings.

Small earrings add a sparkle to your outfit while keeping the focus on your face. If you want to balance the sobriety from your outfit, fold your sleeves, showing a little more skin, and accessorize with a bracelet or ring.

1.2. High neck top with Hoops.

Already with the attention on your face, you can also say: I am a fun WowMom, and I want to go to a party! Pair your top with Hoops and send the fun vibe message. Bonus: If you have multiple ear piercings, add the Lola Hoop Earrings and the Corazon Earrings.

Option 2. Boat Neck Top + Necklace

valentine's day outfit

The collarbone is a feminine focal point that immediately captures attention. A boat neck top in a red tone is perfect for highlighting the neck area and is ideal for a feminine and romantic Valentine's Day outfit.

For this type of top, necklaces and chains look better if they follow the neck curve, so the recommendation is to use the chain adjusted to its shortest point. To avoid taking attention away from the neck, accompany the short necklace with small earrings.

Option 3. V-Neck Top + Small Accessories

valentine's day outfit

If the mood of your Valentine'sValentine's Day outfit is sexy, a V neckline never fails. If you are also in a hot climate and is a sleeveless top, there is a lot of space to highlight your attributes and to accessorize with jewelry.

You can accompany your top with small earrings and a V-drop necklace. A matching bracelet. To avoid looking overloaded, the pieces must be small in size to not steal attention because the center of attention must always be you!

Do you like these outfit suggestions for Valentine's Day?

I love this combination of red with silver. I am sure that if you use it, you will fall in love with yourself because you are a beautiful WowMom!

Happy Valentine's!