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3 NYE look's for moms on a rush - emme

3 NYE look's for moms on a rush


I like to dress up on New Year’s Eve. For me, it is like a good luck ritual to start the year looking nice. It’s like setting up an intention to wear fewer leggings and more dresses on the year to come. Ever since I began to pick my own outfits as a teenager, I used to pull my best suit for that night weeks before and spend many hours deciding which shoes, make-up, and jewelry will go best with it. Nowadays, I don’t have the luxury of taking weeks before selecting an outfit, so I have to pull some tricks out of my mom closet to still look good on the last night of the year.

Since this year I decided to take the holidays at a slow pace, this morning I realized that New Year’s Eve is three nights away and I haven’t decided what to wear. Going out to shop is not really an option, with my kids on vacation and the home full of grandparents I instead to spent time with them than to walk through a crowded mall looking for an outfit that I may not find. That is why I decided to jump into my closet and think of at least three ideas for looks with what I already have. This is what I have so far:

1. I can wear a statement skirt with a white top. This was the signature look of the lady of fashion Carolina Herrera and is one of the looks I love to copy. I might wear a golden skirt or a sequined one with a white button-down shirt, a white crips t-shirt or even a chunky sweater depending on the weather.  This shiny wardrobe will look good with tiny earrings and wavy hair.NYE Outfit Ideas Sequined Skirt

2. I might wear an everyday dress with dress-up shoes and cute earrings. I already tried this idea on Christmas night, and it was a success. I wanted to wear a green dress but couldn’t find any new one that I loved, so I pulled a five-year-old dress from my closet (previously bought for my son’s fifth birthday) and wore it with high heel sandals, gold earrings, and big eyelashes.

NYE Outfit Idea Dress Sandals

3. I could also wear a suit with out-of-the-office pieces. I still have some outfits that I love from my corporate life. I might wear one with bright colored accessories. Or if I feel sexy enough, I may wear it with only a bralette underneath and drop earrings. Can you imagine? A sexy-mom must be fun!

NYE Outfit Idea Suit Booties

I'm on my way to my closet to try these three ideas and see which one I will use for the last day of the year!!! What about you chic mom? Do you have your outfit ready weeks before or you are running like me?

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Have a great end of 2018!


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