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Heritage and being a Latina woman - emme

Heritage and being a Latina woman

latina woman

I never felt like a Latina woman until I came to the US. Back in Venezuela, where I was born, I was just a woman like everyone else. I loved accessories, makeup, and looking good like my friends. It's a lifestyle! It wasn't until I left Latin America that I realized how different I can look from people with different origins.

One characteristic that always gets my attention is how I may recognize other Latina women by how we both embellish ourselves. We can be so identifiable. We are probably wearing earrings and lipstick to run the smallest errand, and it is because we can feel naked if I leave home without them.

As Latinas, we may even have a signature look: red lipstick and hoops!

Are you a Latina woman?

latina woman

Latino heritage can be summarized in one word: MIX. That is our essence. As Latinos, we are a mixture of Indigenous, African, and European descent. The exchange between those cultures has given us characteristics that differentiate us from the rest of the world.

The influence of this mix on our essence has become more present to me since I emigrated. Being an immigrant makes me feel more connected with my roots and all the customs and traditions that come from my heritage. I'm a Latina woman, and I love the mix that makes me so unique.

But earrings are just one part of our heritage. Do you want to know what else makes us Latinas?

  • If your ears were pierced as soon as you were born, you are a Latina woman. I always tell the story that even though my dad didn't know I was a girl, he came to the delivery with a pair of earrings in his pocket. 
  • If when you receive an unexpected visit, you run to your bedroom to dress up a little and put on makeup and earrings, you are a Latina woman.
  • If you see another woman who looks good without hesitation, you say: Love your outfit, you look "buenamoza! There's no doubt you are a Latina woman.
  • If instead of staying in leggings on a Sunday, you dress up, put on makeup and show off some big flashy earrings to visit your mom or Abuela, oh yes! You are a Latina woman.
  • And If you aren't sure If you're a Latina, but you look at your Abuela, and she was always wearing earrings and lipstick, yes! You are a Latina Woman.
latina woman

Being Latina is also being passionate about your family and friends. We greet and say goodbye to everyone with kisses and hugs. For us expressing affection is as natural as wearing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. To be a Latina woman is to carry a mix of the Indigenous's mystic knowledge, the African's joy, and the European's grace. We have the passion for changing the entire world while carrying our heritage in our earrings.

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