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Father’s Day outfit ideas for a mom in charge - emme

Father’s Day outfit ideas for a mom in charge


Father’s day is next week and this year I promised to plan in advance. I don’t know about you, but in my case, my planning juices disappear around the summer months. The long sunny days and the lack of routine make me an on-the-moment-mom. This means that for the last few years, Father’s day has been an under the table celebration. Sorry, Leman!

However, this year, I decided to change and plan ahead because let’s be honest: my kids have an awesome dad. Also, my dad will be in town, and he too is a great dad that deserves recognition and care. This year I’ll be the mom in charge of a day full of activities, so I also have to plan a special outfit for all day. These are the outfit ideas that I have so far and will like to share with other moms in the same situation.


From the movies to the pool: Using a swimsuit is a trick that gives the flexibility to be water ready when you have other places to go before hitting the pool. Pair this outfit with the Mini Triangle Earrings in Silver that are petite and go perfect with any swimsuit.

Father's Day Outfit Idea emme earrings


From family brunch to visiting the grandparents: A flower dress with a jean jacket is another summer staple. For an accent of color add the Familia Earrings in Red, their round shape goes with everything. Add sneakers for comfort and maximum velocity when you are in charge of the kids, the dad and the grandparent at the same time!

Father's Day Outfit Idea emme earrings


From driving bicycles to a sunset picnic. For an outdoor look, mix denim shorts with a romantic top and shiny Star Earrings in Gold. You’ll look relaxed but elegant at the same time and is a comfortable outfit perfect for carrying a picnic.

Father's Day Outfit Idea emme earrings

There you go mom, three father’s day outfit ideas no matter what have you planned! Don’t leave your look or planning for the last minute. Our kids’ dads deserve a special day, they are an essential part of our motherhood journey. And we deserve to look and feel our best always!


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