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Fall outfit ideas for Thanksgiving - emme

Fall outfit ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is a special time for my family and me. It's my favorite American holiday because I get to pause and say thank you for all the beautiful things and people in my life. I also always make time to say thank you for my immigrant story and to remind my kids how fortunate we are to be here, in our home away from home

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Through the years, our Thanksgiving celebrations have ranged from having dinner at a restaurant the first year to last year's big family reunion at my aunt Cecilia's home. Every year has been different, but if you know a little about me, you know that every time I have dressed up for the occasion.

So thinking ahead and planning like the wowmom I wish to be, I went into my closet to pre-select some fall outfits for this year's get-together. Even though I love the fall aesthetic with chunky sweaters and pants, this year, I'm going to spend Thanksgiving in Florida, so my options can be a little bit lighter and a little bit brighter.



OPTION 1: Monochromatic Pants, Top, and Chokers

Fall outfits emme jewelry

If I’m cooking dinner I prefer to be comfortable (there is so much to do for Thanksgiving dinner!), so I may go with my favorite fall outfit: Monochromatic pants and top. 

My Abuela Olga used to say that pants were the best invention ever, and I feel the same. With a monochromatic look, I may be comfortable and will feel dressed up as well. I may add a few necklaces, Bold Choker + Paperclip Chain, to make this everyday outfit look a little more fashionable.




OPTION 2: Two Piece Checkered Set and 3/4 Dot Post Earrings

fall outfits emme jewelry

I love, love, love this outfit! I got this set back in December and have been wearing it nonstop every time since. What makes it perfect is that the jacket and skirt already match, so there is no waste of time for a busy mom.

Also, it’s versatile because you can change the top and shoes and make it look different every time. I matched this set with the 3/4 Dot Post Earrings in Gold because its design is elegant but without falling into the conventional, just like this set. 

Added the WowMom Tag Pendant because Thanksgiving is an excellent time to give thanks for my motherhood journey. This fall outfit is both comfortable and cute.

OUTFIT 3: Pink Dress + Timeless XL Earrings

fall outfit emme jewelry

If I feel bold enough, I may go for the Barbiecore trend I see everywhere and dress in pink from head to toe. This bright pink dress makes me look, and everyone really, fabulous.

I've worn it for easter mass, a baby shower, and a cancer awareness event. It has always been a hit! I may pair it with the Timeless XL earrings to add more drama. It's a bold color for thanksgiving, but hey, it's the perfect color for a Latina mom's fall outfits.





OPTION 4: Silky Slip Dress + Mama pendant

fall outfit emme jewelry

I just added this dress to my mom's closet, and I think this will be my option for a more formal Thanksgiving dinner or if I want to feel sexier. 

The good thing about silky slip dresses is that they make us look dressed but effortless…like "I just woke up" with this kind of vibe. The shiny and somewhat ethereal look of this dress may go well with the Mama pendant and the Twisted Hoop Earrings which also also delicate and meaningful.

What do you think, WowMoms? Which one should I pick? I can use any of these 4 fall outfits ideas this Thanksgiving, but I'll love to hear you: What are your plans for Thanksgiving, and what are you planning to wear?

Just remember that you can complete your fall outfits with emme's accessories. They make you look great all year round!